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  • Forty-four years ago, the GSD took a gamble by admitting me into the Master in Architecture I program and provided financial support to ensure my ability to accept. How do you repay a debt that changed your life? By making sure that others have the same opportunities to fulfill their dreams. I am honored to pay off¬ that debt with interest. Brenda A. Levin MArch ’76
  • My hope for this gift is not only for John Peterson (Loeb Fellowship Curator) to do transformational things, but also to encourage the Loeb Fellows and other GSD alumni to continue to find creative ways to bring significant resources to bear and to make the world a better place. Leif L. Selkregg LF ’89
  • The GSD was an incredibly enriching experience for me. I give back to pay it forward for the current students. Courtney D. Sharpe MUP ’16
  • I want the GSD to continue to lead design education with the powerful impact it gave to me. Now I realize how much e¬ffort and resources it requires to achieve that. That’s why I try my best to help and give. Helen Ju-Hyun Park AB ’87, MArch ’92, MLA ’92
  • The GSD’s collaborative and holistic approach encourages students to think altruistically about their role in helping solve the world’s most pressing issues related to the built environment and human development. I am committed to furthering that mission of the School. Providing philanthropic support to the GSD, its faculty, and students is ultimately an investment in making the world a better place for all. Gil Prado AMDP '14
  • The GSD provides students the opportunity to see good design as a producer of visual pleasure AND value. For me, it enabled me to attain my professional dreams, and I will always be thankful. My wife Marla and I make GSD a philanthropic priority because the returns are through the roof! Lawrence H. Curtis MAUD '83
  • As Curator of the Loeb Fellowship, Jim [Stockard] got to know each Fellow personally and looked for ways to help them use their skills to advance broader social goals—especially affordable housing, Jim’s life’s work. I feel lucky to have worked with Jim and I’m honored to contribute to a fund that will help students do the work Jim has always cared so deeply about. Matthew J. Kiefer LF '96
  • Giving to the GSD provides satisfaction that I’m helping others engage in a profound academic experience that enhances careers and changes lives. Stephen Fiskum MArch '79
  • Nothing is more important than design and its impact in solving the world’s most complex problems. The application of design thinking to complexity is the key to human advancement globally. The GSD has established a unique role among academies and can offer effective leadership in creating the built environment and beyond, and I want to be part of that! Mary E. Gardill MDes '91
  • Four decades ago, the GSD welcomed Kenzō Tange to lecture and research at the GSD. That relationship deepened over time, bringing Tange’s colleagues and pupils to Cambridge—including Kiyonori Kikutake, Fumihiko Maki, Toyo Ito, Yoshio Taniguichi, and Shoichi Kajima. Today, we continue to welcome Japanese students, and increasingly, the GSD community has become engaged in projects on Japanese soil. I hope to build on the legacy of engagement by extending access to our enviable Kenzō Tange archive Mohsen Mostafavi Dean and Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design
  • With so much strife in the world today, architects must try to have a positive impact on society, to address the challenges of access to opportunities, healthcare, and wealth equality. Education is at the heart of it. Brian D. Lee MArch '78
  • The Harvard Graduate School of Design was a great influence on my life. It shaped a critical and broad worldview which I try to employ daily. Harvard exposed me to serious, creative, and committed people with a true sense of mission to work together. That’s something we all need now as we go on in life and face constant challenges. The GSD gave me confidence and that is a gift of immeasurable worth.
    To make a donation to the GSD is to help young leaders shape the world of tomorrow.
    Nancy A. Seltzer MLA '80
  • I can’t say where my drive to understand things came from, but it was certainly nurtured during my three and one half years at the GSD. The school of today is infinitely richer in its offerings than my school of fifty years ago, but at its core, it still nurtures the understanding of our world. That is why I provide what modest financial support that I can. David J. Parsons AB ’63, BArch ’67
  • I feel gratitude for the opportunities and impact that the GSD has had on me. We need to support and keep empowering new students from around the world who are eager to transform lives. Gaby R. San Roman Bustinza MAUD '16
  • I was a pioneering woman city planner and the GSD trained me for the field and gave me essential knowledge, confidence, contacts, colleagues, and valuable credentials throughout my career. One of the most important things I learned at the GSD was collaboration with other design professionals through the interdisciplinary studio courses and charettes. Constance Lieder MCP '60
  • I donated to the campaign for the class gift because I wanted to be part of a larger group of donors who could say, “Look what my graduating class was able to do for our institution.” The GSD also provided me with a very generous scholarship for two years, and I want to make sure that future students have the same opportunity that I was provided. Matthew Singh MUP ’13
  • Alumni generosity supports the programs that made my GSD experience remarkable. For me, being a member of Harvard’s lifelong community is a great privilege so giving to the GSD lets me do a part to help fund a remarkable experience for future GSD students. Scott G. Pobiner MDesS ’03, DDes ’10
  • The Loeb Fellowship program at the GSD expanded my career opportunities and gave me exceptional connections with professional colleagues. Today it brings outstanding resources to GSD students. I want to make certain the program continues its high level of achievement. Jean Cormack King LF ’73
  • The GSD has not only given me an education but also an identity, which I am proud to wear among many esteemed colleagues. Our GSD community is fueled by the new ideas, diligence and ambitions of its youngest crew, and our contribution is a small token of support and recognition. Richard Y. Lam MArch ’06
  • Giving my time to the school has reconnected me with alumni, introduced me to so many more and allowed me a window into the minds of the students with which we eventually collaborate. The GSD is changing. My practice and my thought process are better for having re-engaged with this amazing place. Jennifer Luce MDesS ’94
  • It was an honor to attend, and my time there gave me the tools to be a leader in the real estate industry. I want to give to the GSD to ensure the institution only grows stronger, so others can enjoy the same opportunity that I did! Ryan Edward Dings MDesS ’11